Tired of the same old sticks, twigs and leafy patterns?Nature has been testing and perfecting camo for millions of years.. Drawing on nature's extensive real world testing we developed a camouflage based on grouse feathers.Why
feathers? Feathers naturally mimic their surroundings.Next time you flush a grouse and have your heart leap out of your chest, think about camo, If Grouse wing camo don't come to mind, well you might be using the wrong camo and the grouse has the right idea.
 Using the natural camoflauge of the Grouse we have found that this camo really changes with it's environment, from trees to twigs,rocks to grass Hiding like prey has put new meaning to hunting like a predator. Lets Grouse wing camo Outfit you in camo this season.
Western foliage is available in all products seen below.  Winter and eastern foliage is temporarily out of stock. Our logo caps are still available in eastern. Please allow 6-8 Weeks for delivery at this time. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Grouse Wing Camo Logo Hat

one size fits all - $24.99
Game Processor (PR-1)
The most complete portable butchering set for preparing big game, waterfowl, wild turkey, small game and fish.

- $74.95



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