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Tired of the same sticks, leaves and twigs?

According to the US Fish and Wildlife Service study Americans spend $23 billion annually on their sport; and a good percentage of that is spent on clothing; which primarily is on camouflaged clothing. Today’s modern bow, crossbow, shotgun and rifle hunters all have a camouflaged wardrobe. They all know that camouflage is the primary factor determining their success. They want and have to blend in with the wooded environments in which they hunt. Several years ago Carlos Gonzales an avid Wyoming hunter was grouse hunting and while looking for a down grouse realized how effective this bird’s coloring really was in terms of blending in with its surroundings. And it was then that he got the idea about designing and marketing a new camouflage pattern and has developed his Grouse Wing Camo.

Since that time he has personally tested his unique camouflaged product in the field on a number of real very successful hunting situations. To test his product in other regions of the US he solicited the help of other hunters to use his Grouse Wing Camo clothing. One professional outdoor writer, Ed Noonan of New York State has worn this clothing for several years now not only in New York but on hunts in Texas, Pennsylvania, Mississippi, Vermont, Florida, Ohio, North Carolina, etc. In addition he has worn Grouse Wing in Mexico, the Yucatan jungle, and several of the Canadian provinces. An avid turkey hunter who had completed 6 National Wild Turkey Federation Grand Slams, a Royal Slam, a World Slam, a Mexican Slam and a Canadian Slam, Ed has worn Grouse Wing on almost all of these hunts. Anyone who has hunted the wild turkey knows how difficult it is to fool the sharp eyes of this magnificent bird; but he(Ed) did it with Grouse Wing. Ed said, “Let me tell you how good Grouse Wing camo really is. It was so good the airline was unable to find it on my return from my Newfoundland moose hunt.”

Market research shows that hunters, regardless of their income levels strive to have the very best equipment needed to insure a successful hunt and will but the best that there is. All hunts begin with clothing, camouflage clothing; and when they read the outdoor magazines and newspapers about the successes of others and the equipment they use; that is the one they will buy. Grouse Wing is one of these products and with the proper advertising and additional promotion will become a new word in the world of great camouflage.
Notice how the camo blends in, Making the owner disappear into the grass and soil around him.No camera tricks just the canny ability of the grouse able to disappear into its surroundings. If it fools human eyes just imagine what it does to deer and elk!
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